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We are the first company to offer and measure most important visual in-store KPIs for you. We can get reports about large sample of stores faster and at a fraction of the cost of large agencies.

We offer you to track most KPIs that we have found to be most important in in store marketing performance. Tracking those KPIs you can:

  • Analyse you performance over time
  • Identify KPIs that directly affect your sales
  • Benchmark your performance against your competitors or even other categories.

You have a total control over the scope of the report. We will offer the options as to how many stores, which stores/chains and geographies would produce statistically sound results, but ultimately your are the boss. You decide the scope of the report, which gives you complete transparency and control over your costs.

Forget getting non-representative results from 30 stores, now you can get statistically reliable results from sample as large as 300 or even 500 stores for the fraction of the costs of large agencies.

We can also tailor the KPIs in the report to your specific needs if you want to find out something specific.