Ever wondered exactly how your product performs against competitors on store shelves?

Introducing new way of tracking your in-store performance quickly, reliably and at a price your budgets won't even notice.

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Turning Visual Product Performance Into Actionable Data

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Visual2Data was inspired by combination of the deep knowledge about important drivers behind sales numbers of FMCG products, with an experience delivered by digital analytical tools such as Google Analytics.

The founding team had a strategic combination of statistics, economics marketing backgrounds and was able to leverage the approaches of each of the disciplines to bring completely new level of service to the marketing managers of FMCG companies.

Our mission is to create the transparency, accessibility and precision of the in store brand performance indicators, that has only be previously possible in the digital world.

We strongly believe in the power of numbers and that marketing decision can be significantly improved through employing more data driven approach. We therefore aim to bring reliable data about your brand in store performance to your desktop quickly and at the very low cost.